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Stephanie has created and taught art and design for more than 25 years. A native of New York, she received a Masters of Science in Interior Design degree from Florida State University at Jacksonville in 1982. Stephanie lived and worked in Jacksonville, FL for many years, before relocating to Black Mountain, NC in 2016.

Stephanie has served as a professor in the Interior Design Technology department at Florida State College at Jacksonville for over 15 years. She has developed online educational programs and teaches several courses online. Her expertise includes hand sketching, perspective drawing and color rendering with markers. Stephanie appreciates the importance of step-by-step instruction, even in the field of art and design. Students quickly recognize that drawing is a learned skill that will improve with practice. She encourages all students to set aside their inner critics and rise to the challenge of learning to draw, one step at a time. Because of this, Stephanie is able to help her students meet the challenge of learning to draw despite what they may think of their creative ability.




For the last handful of years Stephanie has been establishing a professional nature and wildlife illustration studio in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Her joyful images of animals, birds, flowers, food and places are celebrated by followers both regionally and online. In connection with her studio, Stephanie has a business bringing her easy to understand approach to hand drawing and marker rendering to creatives of all ages and skill levels.


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Stephanie is the author of EXPLORING PERSPECTIVE HAND DRAWING. This book, in combination with the activity sketchbook and the video clips, provides an opportunity to learn hand line drawing skills, from drawing a line to rendering interior perspective rooms. The step-by-step instructions, hand-drawn illustrations and video demonstrations, provide effective support material for this process. In addition, the creative strategies and helpful hints encourage students to overcome typical stumbling blocks found in learning a new skill.


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