Commissioning a custom work of art is a fun collaborative experience with a unique and treasured outcome! Clients often come to me looking to memorialize special moments such as anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, holidays and weddings. These custom illustrations are framed and presented as wall art, or used for invitation or announcement cards. Businesses and organizations come to me for illustrations to be used as book covers, marketing tools, and professional graphics. I also do renderings of buildings and gardens which usually are framed and presented in public spaces. In both homes and businesses, a custom illustration is a joyful reflection on community and connection.

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Commissioning a custom illustration begins with a phone call where we discuss your idea, and is followed by you providing a few photographs of your subject for visual reference. I then develop a line drawing that presents a general design, and a color swatch, for you to review. After approval, I create your specialized work of art using hand drawn and hand colored rendering techniques. Inside 6 to 12 weeks you will have a personalized illustration that commemorates your special event or circumstance!

Pricing is dependent on the complexity and size of the piece. A 50% deposit is required for work to begin.

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I worked with Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens as lead artist to bring the Cummer Gardens to the Alzheimer Unit of St. Catherine Laboure Manner in Jacksonville, Florida. The long-term nursing home developed the idea for a series of nature inspired murals with help from the museum in the hope that the art would create a healing atmosphere. The project was about the importance of art in our lives. The idea was for people to walk into the unit and become emotionally engaged.

The unit's walls are covered in images of green, leafy trees, snaking vines and a fountain from the Cummer gardens. Outside each resident's room is an individualized, homey touch, such as an architectural border accented with flowers or a perching bird. Though it is hard to quantify the impact of art on healing, staff members at St. Catherine say they have seen positive results with the Alzheimer residents. The art also benefits visitors and staff by providing a welcoming and uplifting environment.